THIS PAGE WILL BE DEDICATED TO WHY I CAN NOT VOTE FOR BIDEN/HARRIS...(and why any "Historical Black American" with half a brain might not)
                it develop day by day...AW 8-12-20
With all due respect, our Black elected officials dropped the ball. 

Historical Black American voters saved Biden's butt.   They were owed some degree of consideration. They provided their representatives with the power to influence.  Sadly, they didn't use it.

They should've pushed harder for one of several very qualified "Historical" Black American Women(if a "Black Woman" weighed in the equation)--whose family served this country over generations.  It mattered.  Any other group would have leveraged their position. As they have many times in past. Legacy matters.

AW - August -12-20
"WHO IS REALLY DOING THE DAMN CHOOSING?" Black American slave-descendants keep getting quietly used as bloody-battle fighters, supporters, protestors, cheerleaders, battlefield soldiers in EVERY American war--"TAKEN-FOR-GRANTED VOTERS" then passed over when the "picking" is done for historically meaningful positions. Why is that? Who's doing the choosing?  It sure as hell ain't real "been here" Negroes. If it was, 'can gotdamn well GUARANTEE you, it would not have been Kamala Harris.  Now THAT matters.
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