Our “PICKS” for the Democratic side of things; in order:

1 ELIZABETH WARREN - The most “sincere/well intentioned”.  Even with her determination to do the impossible(borderline unreasonable…at least as presented)), INITIALLY—she’s still the most “reasonable good-for-America” candidate.  Ms. Warren’s made adjustments.  She’s the most real of the group. Warren would be a genuine “human-centric” president. A former teacher with deep American roots, she’d serve for the good of most as best she was capable.  

2. JOE BIDEN  -  Nepotism, patronage and "connected" is as old as American politics.  Hell, world politics. Trump’s enriching/empowering his whole EXTENDED family! Boy-faced Jared’s buying stuff all over America—and running stuff he should not even be in the room on. 

Pelosi tried to save Biden by holding off on chasing Trump into his briar patch.  But young progressive political newbies insisted.  MISTAKE. 

Trump is one of those Nietzsche guys who believes that “that which does not destroy me only makes me stronger”—so far, so good.  But in Trump’s case, some would say “that which does not destroy him only make him CRAZIER!”. Possibly not so “GREAT” for America—and the World.  This fella might wake up, look in the mirror, smooth his hair—and decide it’s time to end the World! ( least for the folks in "shit-hole" places--or those who did not "measure up")

*In all fairness, however, it must be acknowledged that in an arena where many play "balance of advantage" and are prone to "situational ethics"--Trump has addressed some things that needed to be addressed straight on and with no apologies or half-steppin'.

That said… Biden is an experienced political “insider-regular”.  He would, hopefully,  be a serviceable bridge to the very different future America seems to be on the road toward.  

Joe says he did nothing "illegal".  We believe him.

3. AMY KLOBUCHAR - Of those left—she’s the best of the “questionables”.

4. PETE BUTTIGIEG -  Tough sell in a lot of places.  Smart.  Clever.  But… lotta folks just can’t quite get there.  From our perspective, his mess with Black folks in Indiana makes him a big question-mark.  


BERNIE SANDERS - We call him “Bernie the Big Bull-shitter” around here.  He seldom answers a question straight out.  His little slips here and there hint at his low-regard for “some” folks (“like regular people...”)—make him a big “Hope Not”, for us. 'Could see ol' Bernie and Trump burnin' down Rome together while insisting it's the best way to get rid of the rodent problem--especially with Nero providing "best ever" music on the fiddle.

TOM STEYER - Made a big chunk of his money in stuff he’s now, “fashionably” dumping on and disowning.  Better use of his time and MONEY would be to work in the private sector to right stuff he’s a culprit for…    

MIKE BLUMBERG - Surely you’re joking.  Any of the Negroes up on this cat have got to be either losing their cotton-picking minds—or makin’ some bank from catchin’ him needy(good luck).  ‘Talk about demonstrating holes in the American political process of picking leaders.  George Wallace was more sincere than this guy.  SERIOUSLY— his “regrets”?  Talk to somma them folks got jacked up and dissed for jus’ walkin’ down the street with some "color" and/or “style”. Or some of the women he "verbal-Harveyed".  As my Grandmother said “money don’t cover ugly”.